Konnie Huq: if I had HIV, would you kiss me?

What would it take for you to kiss someone with HIV? If Konnie Huq was HIV positive, would you kiss her?

The stigma experienced by people living with HIV and AIDS is immensely destructive and can further damage people who may already be in a vulnerable state. For World AIDS Day 2009, the British Red Cross carried out a survey of 16-25-year-olds in the UK, which showed that 85 per cent knew you cannot catch HIV from a kiss. Despite this, 69 per cent still wouldn't kiss someone with HIV. So while people's knowledge about HIV is generally good, that doesn't necessarily translate into action.

Its not just about close contact like kissing the general trend is similar for more casual contact as well. For example, 96 per cent of people surveyed know you can't get HIV from sharing a meal with someone who is HIV positive - but 44 per cent still wouldn't want to buy food from a shopkeeper with HIV.

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