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Face of world hunger: 1 billion hungry project
This video shows but one face of world hunger. This African mother's story is a typical story of rural poverty and hunger. There are a billion hungry people in the world. 
The 1billion hungry project is collecting 1 million signatures on a petition against world hunger to be presented to the United Nations. The petition calls on all governments to place world hunger at the top of their priorities and so end it. 
Please sign the petition.

UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2010

Global situation: Seeing fewer infections, fewer deaths due to AIDS.
New infections: Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
However effective HIV/AIDS programmes in Malaysia need to be more rights-based, and more priority should be given to female, transgender and male Sex Workers. Unfortunately I am not seeing this happen despite the available community leaders who are willing to participate in prevention, care & support.
The politics of HIV/AIDS NGOs have reduced their partnerships to merely be interested in funding for their respective programmes; not many talk about effective national collaboration.
I don't see any visible indicators of solidarity when it comes to human rights of vulnerable and most-at-risk groups. In the end, who will suffer?

PT Foundation's #WAD2010 Event

Launch of World AIDS Day 2010
Saturday, 27th November 2010 
Fiesta Street, Sungei Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang

5.00pm : Arrival Registration of Media Guests
5.20pm : Arrival of VIP
5.30pm : Opening Dance Performance 
5.35pm : Speech by PT Foundation Chairman En. Hisham Hussein
5.40pm : Speech by Representative from Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development
5.50pm : Speech by a Representative from the UN Country Team
6.00pm : Launch of World AIDS Day Red Carnival  6.15pm : Press Conference and Refreshments at UCafe7.00pm : Continuation of Red Carnival and Performances
8.00pm : End of Performances

Dan Savage on the Rights of Sex Workers


AIDSAware: Be The Message to Stop AIDS

AIDSAware is a first of its kind awareness movement which is a joint collaboration between PT Foundation and ruumzcauses whereby the public themselves become the vehicle for creating and spreading AIDS awareness utilizing social media. The public is encouraged to take a picture of themselves, their friends and/or their family members holding a AIDS/HIV related message on a piece of paper or card and posting and sharing their "photo messages" online.

It incorporates a Public Service Announcement (PSA) angle whereby 42 prominent personalities and celebrities got together for free to shoot high quality photos holding their own messages on AIDS in the vein of the "Got Milk?" campaign from the United States. These shots will be compiled into a calendar, postcards, posters for PSAs and more.

During the photoshoot, behind the scene videos and celebrity video messages were also shot to raise awareness and encourage further participation. The project hopes not only to creat…

The Talk - Annie Lennox Interview on HIV/AIDS

Its about time, you make a difference for people living and affected by HIV/AIDS. Join the advocacy in changing the behaviors of society by eliminating stigma, prejudice and discrimination.

Annie Lennox shares an emotional journey to South Africa in her fight to stop HIV/AIDS with her SING charity.

Malaysia's Invisible Children

The Paradigm Shift Project

Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia's most developed nations, and yet, is home to some of the most marginalized children in the world, whose rights are far from recognized or upheld. These children are stateless, refugees, and/or street kids.

It has been estimated that there may be as many as half a million children between the ages of 6 and 18 who roam Malaysia's streets every night. And the UNHCR has counted 18,600 refugee children. In the red light district of Chow Kit and other neighbourhoods in Kuala Lumpur, many of these kids are at risk of sexual abuse, imprisonment and deportation, and human trafficking.

A small percentage of the stateless are illegal immigrants from Indonesia and the Philippines, whose families have fled to Malaysia in search of better economic opportunities, but over 90% of these children are Malaysians without papers: children born out of wedlock are still not recognized as citizens. Others are refugees from Myanmar's ong…

Human rights abuses in West Papua

In solidarity with the people of Papua on the 41st anniversary of Indonesia's annexation of the former Dutch colony, we talk to Wempie Fatubun, a human rights activist and documentary filmmaker.

There will be a screening of two films by independent filmmakers at The Annexe Gallery this Sunday November 14th and discussions on the situation in Papua.
Reporter: Aidila Razak
Camera & Editing: Cal Vin Cheah

West Papua - Forgotten Bird of Paradise

"We are refugees in our own land now, unable to go to our villages because the Indonesian military are killing so many of us."

Stand By Me, an empowering song!

Whenever I listen to this song, a smile creeps upon my face. It reminds me that in this evolving world we are not alone at times. Its easier said, and at these times the moments seek to swallow me whole while my cries echo into the emptiness. But I am thankful for life, and to enjoy the temporary embrace of joy and brief flashes of tranquility.

"THE LEADERS" Interview with Marina Mahathir

Marina speaks about HIV/AIDS and gender. 

Land of the Morning Star (West Papua) in KL

This year marks the 41st anniversaryof the Republic of Indonesia's annexation of the province of Papua from the Dutch colonists in 1969. Since annexation, there have been various human rights abuses carried out by Indonesian security forces – intimidation, torture and killing of villagers, activists and journalists in Papua – as documented by organisations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Jakarta-based Kontras. However, these violations have not been addressed, leaving issues such as racism and impunity unresolved even today.

In solidarity with our Papuan friends, Centre for Independent Journalism is organising a documentary screening and discussion on Papua. Facilitated by Wempie Fatubun, a human rights activist and documentary filmmaker from Papua, the screening will also include two shorts made by fellow Papuan filmmakers. Wempie's presentation is in Bahasa while the documentaries are in English. 

LAND OF THE MORNING STAR “Land of the Morning Star” is a …

Flood-ravaged Benin - Children are the hardest hit

As floodwaters slowly recede in Benin, the magnitude of the tragedy is being revealed. The recent floods here and elsewhere in West Africa have killed almost 400 people and affected 1.5 million. Children are the hardest hit.

UNICEF: Promoting education for indigenous people in Malaysian Borneo

Its great that Unicef is highlighting the importance of education for indigenous people. However it does not solve the pressing issue of the absence of indigenous languages in schools, and how the education system can help preserve their identity and knowledge.
By integrating indigenous children to the standard system, will indigenous rights be truly solved?
This video gives me the creeps.

Our Diwali, blessed with friendship, peace, acceptance & respect

Today is the festival of lights, Diwali. A special day for my family and I. Diwali signifies a period of celebration amongst people I love and admire. A time to share memories, thoughts and hopes; not to mention the fantastic mutton curry.

I hope the start of Diwali enlightens your home and heart with peace, wisdom and serenity. Wishing you loads of joy, solidarity and happiness. 

Narwhal Whale's Unicorn-like Tusk... or Tooth

One of science's greatest riddles is finally solved when Harvard dentist and National Geographic grantee Dr. Martin Nweeia discovers the function of the narwhal whale's unicorn-like tusk. Wild Chronicles follows this dental detective to the Arctic where the extraordinary powers of this mysterious tool of nature are revealed.

UNICEF: Stop Child Abuse Now!

Are there 100,000 people who care enough to protect our children from abuse? Let us show abusers in our society we will not tolerate them hurting our children anymore. Sign up today to register your anger against abuse and your support for children: