Questions to Ask Your MP and NGO on HIV/AIDS

1. Are young people provided with information and education about HIV/AIDS? Are these government or NGO programmes? Is this information age-appropriate and relevant for young people? Does the available information include information on sexual behavior, condom usage, safer sex practices, and harm reduction (on drug-use, especially on designer drugs). 

2. Are there government programmes that provide a supportive environment for adolescents living in rural areas, girls and boys living and affected by HIV/AIDS? 

3. What types of stigma and discrimination do HIV+ young people face in your country? What steps have been undertaken to combat this?

4. Are young people and youth organizations, including HIV+ young people, involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of HIV/AIDS prevention programmes, and care and support services? What have been the constraints and successes? 

For Malaysians, you can start by asking your MPs and the Malaysian AIDS Council. Don't wait, be educated, make informed decisions and be a partner to empowering young people in participation. 

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