The War Against Humanity

The war. It's here. In your backyard. In your city. In your village. In fact the war has been around for quite some time. It's because of your ignorance, arrogance and apathy that society hasn't been able to win the war.

The war on Poverty. A cycle of poverty, generated by society.

It's a sad fact that you are not even fighting to eradicate poverty. Oh yes, do tell us about your RM1 donation to the poor, when they stick their dirty faces at you, especially when you're having a meal, thus forcing you, due to pure pity that you stick out the RM1 towards them (and hoping that they would disappear, quietly).

It's a sad fact that those faces would be dispelled within seconds. You continue eating, caring not of the misery and agony of what poor people face. The daily hunger, the absence of shelter, the lack of clean drinking water, the void of safety and the oblivion of compassion.

You're the misery that spreads freely, stimulating the hunger, the thirst and the absence of action. You are fighting the war against humanity.

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