Young people are a major force in the contemporary world

The challenges facing youth confront and test not only today’s societies but future generations as well. These include gender discrimination, youth unemployment, inequities in social, economic and political state of affairs, limited resources available for funding youth activities, social exclusion, insecure livelihoods, armed confrontation, increasing hunger, unchecked diseases, changes in the role of the family, lack of opportunity for education, and homelessness.

Young people are a major force in the contemporary world. They are at the vanguard of worldwide social, economic and political developments: in addition to their intellectual contribution and their ability to mobilize support, young women and men have unique perspectives. 

How our societies progress is determined, among other things, on how much we involve youth in building and designing the future. But in many countries, it has become more complicated, and at times, thorny, for young people to be involved in the life of their societies.

Are adults convinced that young people and children can contribute in building a community, and do adults believe that youth are a major resource in social mobilization needed?

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