The Balance In Bangkok, the poor and the elites

The relationship between the poor and the rich, somewhat a delicate unstable balance of envy, anger, and to a large extent, submission to what 'cannot be changed' in their lives.

Bangkok. A twisted, suffocating metropolis that absorbs the diverse traditions and lifestyles of modern and ancient practises. You can find just about every nationality, even stateless, in Bangkok. A hub for the homeless, and those seeking an escape from poverty.

I've been here since 19 Sept. Exhausted, but eager for more. Slum after slum. My walkabouts leading me everywhere and sometimes aimlessly into the heart of misery. Learning from the people who lived and worked in their makeshift homes, amidst the mayhem of overhead power cables, and the amazingly deep labyrinth.

The people. They sell just about anything: fruits, fried chicken, broth, juices, and other local delicacies. They are survivors, adapting to the tough life, living in a flood-prone, smog-covered community. They are poor, but determined, possessing an impressive entrepreneur zeal.

Life in the slums is held in balance by the desire to survive. The elites need the poor, and the poor grudgingly need the elites. Some believe in the inevitable self-suffering, while others work extremely hard to break from the vicious cycle of poverty. However, evolution will ultimately change what cannot be changed; the poor, the restless, in the slums will eventually determine the future of Bangkok.

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