People Offering Blind Support to Each Other

I find it fascinating that many people would support their fellow citizens against an unpatriotic reprimand or a objective view of their unprofessionalism. I call it blind support. Just because they are from the same country, they feel an inborn desire to protect each other, even though they know the person is wrong.

Maybe ignorance and sheer stupidity plays a role in the psyche of such poor behaviors or maybe people are prone to feeling a need to support the wrong against the right. But then who am I to say they are wrong, ya? After all, visible indicators of wrong-doings are there, but perhaps the perception is different on their part --> they feel a need to close ranks and offer support to one another.

Wrong is wrong. Simple fact.

I've had the misfortune (or stupidity) to work with such groups of people over the years. It's interesting when people cite their elitist educational background, or their so-called connections to the powers-that-be and yet unable to deliver the most simplest of pledges. Don't really matter whether these people are connected to colossal corporations, influential NGOs, or the government. Wrong is wrong.

Alas, based on these lessons learned, I am still hoping for humanity to change itself, within the process of evolution, but then again I could be wrong. Or is this "freedom of expression"? People are prone to lie, cheat, and yes... offer blind support to each other in a "valiant" attempt to protect the wrong.

How fucking amusing.

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