Ramblings of a tired activist

Walking through the quiet, sleepy town of Salak. The gloom, the dark sky, the rain, making Salak Tinggi appear neglected and sinister. My outreach has taken me through small towns and villages, but this place is exceptionally bizarre, dotted with an air of abandonment. Or am I just too exhausted? Well at least there's adequate signal for internet.

Looking for breakfast. I haven't been eating well for the past few nights. My illness has taken its toll. I definitely need more rest and a decent long shower. I need to just chill out and sleep the whole day, and wishing my friends were here. I need a smoke. I need coffee. Now.

I see four young men, teenagers, one a familiar face, waiting for me at the roadside coffee shop. Cigarettes in between their fingers or lips, they're partially asleep, tired, one with blood-shot eyes.

These are potential youth leaders for my project, there's an urgent need to equip them with life skills.

Ok, I'm off. Chat later.

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