Thoughts of Injustice & Brutality in Thailand's History

My thoughts.

Thailand. The U.S. One governed by a constitutional monarchy democratic system. The other a democratic nation run by a president. No similarities with these two countries or maybe...

With the exception of the wide usage of American weaponry against the people, the disadvantaged, or what is perceived to be the threat to the country and social order. So the Thai government's advocacy for 'democracy' is supported by rifles, bullets, and war vehicles bought by the Thais from their American ally to shoot their own people, and run them to the ground. 'Congratulations' ~ Such mindless logic and brutality. Reminds me of an almost similar situation in West Papua.

1973. October 14. The violence stimulated by the Thai military was to 'protect' their Prime Minister then and his system of governance. Their enemy was the students. Young people from all over Thailand; more than 100,000, flocking to express their desires for justice, solidarity and liberty. The demonstration was empowering, the army's backlash was extremely violent, no records of the deaths, although according to one Thai activist, "We really don't know how many people died, because we can't find it in history..."

I'm listening to a song sung by a sombre-looking band, igniting on an ancient folklore rhythm; haunting and absorbing, their voice tingling with sadness and remembrance. Memories of the few will keep the revolution alive.


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