The Vicious Cycle of Poverty, Apathy and Ignorance

I've met many people, jobless, homeless and working odd jobs, over the past 20 years to know that there is a serious problem. I still see many young people leaving their villages throughout the country, straight into the cities, seeking new opportunities and livelihood. I see the income gap, and we all know there is an obvious segregation between the rich and poor.

Yes, there are ample "jobs" through the country from working in the plantations to factories. Seems there are many employers eager to grab any young candidate for work. Though with the increasing cost of living, can these young poor people break out from their miserable cycle of life? Seems not. They will continue working in jobs that the privileged ones would never touch. They will work their ass off, sinking further into the financial depression of monthly commitments to the taxes and the banks. 

The mentality of "periuk nasi" (rice bowl) is molded around the need to have a stable income and career. Working in the government sector would provide such; though this merely creates a sense of complacency among government servants. There's no real desire to break out from this mentality as they are more concern about holding on to a job rather seeking a career growth. Others are happier with the prospects of a pension, thus merely working for the sake of being there. Those that make it big in the corporate line are prone to arrogance and would normally forget their humble upbringing. When you're rich, you forget your past and ignore those who were like you. When you're poor, you submit yourself to this vicious cycle of poverty, hoping one day that black bag filled with money falls from the sky. Either way, humanity stands no chance at this ongoing demented path of life. 

Poverty is sickening, it robs mankind of our humility, leaving us raw in the face of a country that wants the poor to remain poor, while the rich do little except at the golf course or the karaoke entertainment room. Is there are a difference with other countries on how our society helps the poor? Seems even with 27 million Malaysians, we are still unable to eradicate poverty which is supposedly a minority in the total population, though we have funds to lavishly spend on things that we truly don't need. 

The fact is NGOs play little part in sustainable poverty eradication. They are more keen on showcasing isolated cases of success or corporate bullshit to the corporate sponsors who then reward them with more money and resources. Poverty is a cycle in Malaysia. Don't fucking tell me that we are still moving towards the right direction. I don't think people actually care about the people who are homeless, or living in terrible cramp conditions or even the disabled woman who begs on the street. 

Yes, I know, you don't agree with me. Who gives a fuck anymore. You're actually part of the problem, your ignorance is further stimulating the hardship of others. You can spin the issue in any way you like or even shy away from this concern, but you're a fucking hypocrite nevertheless. 

Malaysians possess the intelligence to design new things, or make more money, however Malaysians are so fucking careless of the lives of the poor. Courtesy of our complacency, we have produced a generation of poor, who will remain poor, and procreate more poor children, and this goes on and on.

Fuck you. 

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