West Papua Fighting Indonesia's Supremacy

West Papua. The country, the people, was never part of Indonesia. Propaganda, western US and Europe hypocrisy, greed of multi-national corporations and a grand puppetry play of human rights by ASEAN, keeps West Papua chained to Indonesia.

Yet the Indonesia's political parties depend in part on the apathy of Indonesian society, to be ignorant about Indonesia's new Order, along with their death squads terrorizing in their grand genocidal quest.

Indonesian military and twisted sense of justice is dependent on the stigmatization of the occupied indigenous communities in West Papua. The politicians, these puppet-masters, do so well to keep the vast population of Indonesians ignorant, and pacified.

But the catastrophic losses were a catastrophe above all, in their effect on the pride of the Indonesian dynasty. This is turn promotes resentment at the changing world and the growing empathy for the occupied West Papuans.

Its ancient people anxious for the breath of 'Merdeka', the fight against genocide and to reunite, for the sake of living in freedom. Indonesia's attempt to assert supremacy have failed, and will continue to degenerate to repeated failures of conquests.

Such is legitimate resistance against the Dogma of Domination and Supremacy

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