10 Years On, Afghanistan Defined by Poverty, Conflict

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the United States-led invasion of Afghanistan. But a decade and many billions of dollars later, Afghanistan is still desperately poor and battling a worsening insurgency.

Out of sight and out of the minds of millions of Americans, the war is the most prolonged conflict the United States has been engaged in since Vietnam. President Barack Obama said it was the longest in US history. 

The lack of attention paid to the 10-year milestone is driven in part by White House thinking that Obama has already helped lead a national reflection on a decade of costly sacrifice and battle. Yet Obama’s handling of the milestone also underscores his interest in sticking to an economic message without distraction. Jobs, not war, matter most right now. In Afghanistan on Thursday, hundreds of Afghans marched through Kabul to condemn the United States as an occupier and demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops.

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