The flood of politics & ego hampers Thailand's relief work

I am very concerned about the impact of the floods, not just in Bangkok but the other provinces of Thailand. There seems to be a coordination gap between their federal government and the related province administration. I don't really care about the politics behind the scenes but I do worry about the impact towards marginalised people, specially those made vulnerable due to the lack of unity and coordination of humanitarian aid. I worry about the homeless, the streetkids, the families living in the slums, the refugee and the migrant worker.

Thailand is no stranger to natural disasters, much less the ever-increasing floods. Though its simplistic for me to say that governments and NGOs should work collectively to prevent such occurrence, in reality it's not an easy feat... Nothing is ever easy in a flood-stricken situation. I'm well aware of natural disasters and the politics behind them, along with war-torn countries, filled with strife and mayhem. I have done my tours of duty in relief work many years ago. People are angry, confused and grieving for their loss. In such a situation, people have the right to feel blasted from logic and pushed to desperation. But it saddens me to see the abomination, of the lack of solidarity amongst those who have the authority to help others.

Its amazing to see the exchanges of information, stories and photos on Twitter, push aside the nasty bits of sarcasm towards the suffering of others. I diligently follow #thaifloodeng along with my other friends: @noname_8 @photo_journ @supamas @Incognito_me @freakingcat and @moui for news and tips. They are ordinary folks, but are concern for the people, their city and the impact of diseases, riots, electrocution, food, clean drinking water, health care, mental health, and many others.

A compilation of news on the flooding in Thailand:

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In the end, the poor and the disadvantaged will continue to suffer, and yet after the floods have cleared, society would continue to embrace such apathy towards them and Nature. Such is the vicious cycle of man-inflicted stupidity. I pray, and maybe I am foolishly wrong, that the next time a flood mercilessly spills across Thailand, the damage on the folks and property will be minimised and the monstrous chaos will not rear its ugly head again.

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