Incubator of Poverty and Injustice

We see poverty every fucking day. Poverty going on a rampage. Affecting millions of people. Everywhere. Families affected, lives are lost, starvation going amok and the 'ignorance' of those who can still afford a luxurious meal at a fine-dining restaurant.

Ignorance breeds a sense of complacency. It gives birth to an abomination. This abomination born through minutes of hell, reeks with contempt for those who are not privileged, and for those not complying with their standards of social order. The social order of those with and without food. A fucked social order.

The rising prices of food affects accessibility, we all know that. Yet we are content with the wastage. People seems to have a fetish wicked goal to waste food while many are unable to taste it. We take food and clean drinking water for granted. And why is that? Are we just satisfied to live a lifestyle befitting the bourgeois while others suffer? Seems so. Don't really fucking understand their bizarre logic.

Poverty is a necessity for the privileged. They are keen to maintain the status quo. The gap between the rich and the poor is sustained, as there is a need for the slavery of communities to ensure the work is done. Don't think the rich is interested to do the work of a labourer. Someone has to 'supervise' these unfortunate ones. The cycle of poverty is needed in their social order; and a vicious cycle it is.

Poverty is a tool to control the masses. It is an effective tool, a weapon, that keeps the people from challenging authority. The establishment supported by capitalism wrecks societal mobilisation, a dilutes the spirit and prolong the misery. The tool keeps the younger generation from much-needed education, and promotes gender bias and instigates violence. Violence towards the poor, the homeless, the indigenous.

The United Nations have repeatedly lectured on poverty-reduction approaches, for decades. Yet society is still in such a fucked state. Nowadays people are judged based on their position within the caste system, their education (or lack of it), their race, their age and their gender. These merely pushes poverty out of the UN's strategies, and manipulated for those with money and power. Do you honestly think poverty would exist if governments are empowered? Governments are only interested in their defence budgets, their political sustainability, their national economic plans for their corporate donors, and their desire to preserve the status quo of the elites.

Poverty is worse when society chooses to be ignorant and complacent, topped with prejudice and discrimination. Poverty has a fucking father, and you're the incubator.

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