The maze of complexities ~ Travelling in Bangkok

Been in Bangkok for the past two weeks, and I have seen the towering buildings, the shrines, the beautiful temples, and the confusing corporate rat race that makes the city a monument of ultra-capitalism and overzealous success.

But despite it all, I am impressed with the sheer survival skills of the average Thai and the migrant (refugees included) workforce that makes the lifeblood of this metropolis. Thais are hard-working, possessing unbelievable entrepreneurial experience, living in a climate torn by a widening gap between the rich (elites) and the poor. The alleged corruption is unbelievable, which is enhanced by the bureaucratic nightmare of systems and aimless procedures.

Capitalism is brutal here. The poor, many living in the slums or inmigrating from rural areas, are at the mercy of the rich and fight a daily struggle to survive. The welfare system is almost chaotic, breeding little benefits. But my admiration goes to them, especially the street vendors. I admire their candid smiles, and the tasty treats and sweet, cold coffee, and their proficiency to survive in this harsh maze of complexities.

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