Ending Poverty ~ Our Choice

I always ask myself is life worth living, why does every cent have to be a bet in life? Why does hunger persist in a world of plenty? How does it feel to be hungry all the time? As this article is written, I allow myself to cry. Life seemed unfair. Hunger has haunted humankind throughout the known history of the world. What have been causes and consequences of hunger events? How have the peoples of the world faced fear of hunger, the prospect of starvation, devastation by famine in their lands? How have they adapted to these conditions?

Imagine you’re a poor woman in Africa; you work hard almost every day. When your children get sick, there is no money for medicine. Ask yourself, what would you do? Sometimes this kind of desperation makes you want to do the wrong thing, you know, for the sake of your children. Nobody wants more pain. I cry every time I watch children starving or dying a horrible, painful death due to something completely out of his or her control on Youtube. Yes. I watched them on Youtube because I rarely watch them on the news. And, yes, it’s disgusting to see one suffering.

This isn’t literally writing exercise. I write this column because I want to make a difference. I can’t imagine facing my Creator and Him saying ‘You didn’t do such..and such’ and me responding ‘I didn’t know’ and not ‘I didn’t want to’. I’d be willing to help everyone that is in the position of poverty because sometimes life isn’t fair, and I realize that I’m a lucky enough so why not help someone out every once in a while.

Poverty one of the most ignored or overlooked problems and one of the most stigmatized problems. We all know the stereotypes ‘don't give that kid money, he was ordered by his parent to do so’ but most people don't stop to realize that a significant the poor suffer from mental illness and need help, they aren’t just down on their luck and they aren’t lazy. Take a moment to talk to some of poor people and more often than not, from their diction and vocabulary you can see they had been somebody higher up before. We should all consider ourselves lucky each day that we are not joining their ranks. In some cases people are very racist and tend to not help a person of other races but that isn’t how it should be. I feel like most people wouldn’t help everyone and sometimes race would play a role. People should help everyone that really needs it and is actually trying to better their lives and the lives of their children.

We can learn to be more conscious of the experiences around us should the need arise to offer our support. Perhaps there are those who can take courage knowing that they are not alone in the world and are deserving of a better life. There are so many ways to do it right. We need to write letters call in to television and radio shows and ask why they aren’t covering poverty issue and so many other things. We know, the longer action is delayed, the more people die. All of this can be changed. It is in the end – our choice.

‘The poor will always be with us – just not on the TV news’ – Neil deMause

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