A Quick Take on Activism Courtesy of A Wandering Mind

The volatility of the far-right, and far-left, behavior, the unpredictable and troublesome emotions of activists. Activism is a lot like the turbulence on an damaged bright red airplane, spinning uncontrollably, nose-dive towards a rocky valley: terrifying, gut-wrenching and feeling the sense of hopelessness. Is there a good side to activism? Yes to the people we serve but good things are usually brief, or almost non-existent for the hard core activists. Society treats an activist with distrust or more commonly associated with the need to practice the "shut-the-fuck-up" approach on the increasingly anxious activist. Some have associated activists with rapid-tongue lawyers or intimidating criminals, with immense annoyance and hostile prejudice. Or are activists oblivious, self-serving people, obsessed with self glory? And what are the goals of leftist and rightist activists? Or is there such a thing as an ultra-activists? Hmmm...

But are we not supposed to be fighting for a Cause that society itself views as offensive and with stigma? Are we not supposed to speak the truth, aggressively advocate for social justice, advocate for the marginalized and homeless, protest the violence against wildlife, nurture the oceans and environment, and uphold the rights of the minorities, the individual? Or are we supposed to nod our heads, carrying the yoke of compliance, conform to the blistering ignorance for the benefits of the greedy and the bourgeoisie? Or be an uncaring fucker?

When an activist engages with her Cause, she aggressively works towards improving the situation or the intervention of what many would say the radical actions that would help those who are in need. At times she's merely handling one little piece of the pie. In a matter of days she would be hemorrhaging in mental anguish or physical agony with little time to recover from the onslaught of resistance of an uncaring society, recalcitrant authority and the crushing might of corporations. Activism is about resistance, rebelling and generating awareness of what violates humanity and the planet. There are limitless Causes, such as poverty, homelessness, indigenous, conservation, diseases, famine, refugees, children abuse, censorship, clean drinking water, environment, languages, marine life, harm reduction, migrant workers, natural disasters, anti-corruption, sexuality, health and etc etc so forth...

Often activists are disunited in the approach. The masturbation of ideologies and strategies are often the cause for the lack of a strong solidarity front. Ideologies are often lumped into a swirling pool of boiling misunderstandings, and sometimes this prevents an effective cooperative movement towards ending injustices or fighting for the Cause. However I see this as part of the mechanics of activism, where disorganization enables the unpredictability of the movement, making it harder for authorities to predict and counter the protest. Besides, where's the fun if everyone completely agrees with one another. 

Passion and/or duty propels the activist forward. Time and again she falters, breaks down and struggles, juggling her family, her partner and her responsibilities. She tries her best to escape the chain of unpaid bills, a string of failed relationships and the endless complications of life. Her activism may be her way to drown herself in the pool of loss, to forget her daily personal struggle, and to fight for something that affects others besides her. She's determined to help, to advise others and to be part of the movement.

In the end, that bright red airplane may violently smash itself to pieces, but at least she (the pilot) did her best to survive.

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