Ignorance increases the body count in West Papua

A battle ground, where indigenous people are slaughtered and tortured by Indonesian troops. People die, forgotten by the region, ignored by the international community, such is the pitiful state of ignorance that is prevalent especially among South East Asia.

Tokenism, an expression of mock shock to the atrocities. People who claim to champion human rights still shroud themselves in self-strangulation, not wanting to do anything to champion and advocate the rights of West Papuan.

Don't fucking fool yourself. Your complacency and excuses merely contribute to the increasing number of deaths in West Papua. While genocide ravages the indigenous folks, you swallow the lies of the butchers. Delusions of peace, or moving towards peace is common. People still believe that the special autonomy furnished by Indonesia to West Papua is the right approach. Don't fuck yourself with your bullshit.

West Papua, dominated by Indonesia, will not be at peace as long as colonists rape the land, violate the people, and force feed propaganda of a united Indonesia. Why is it that you believe other nations have the right to resistance however West Papua is a non-issue?

"Merdeka" is the only solution. West Papuans deserve their right to manage the country and to maintain and cultivate their identity as their own.

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