Rants of a tired relief worker [Bangkok Flood]

Exhausted. The journey, moving about, travelling at an unpredictable pace. Meeting people, talking, many have lost their homes, land, and listening to the stories of how people are displaced at a blink of an eye. The flood has affected Thais, migrant workers, refugees and stateless people, leaving people breathless without a home, losing their livelihood to the madness. Diseases, poor mental health and an unpredictable future merely enhances the mayhem.

Even as the flood approaches the commercial centre of Bangkok, many are at odds with each other. The politics of Thailand divides the nation, brewing a vicious cycle of finger-pointing, blame-game never-ending madness. People are swallowed by their own tension, unable to cope with the lost of their homes, made refugee because of this natural disaster.

The flood has affected the northern province for months, even before Ying Luck took power. Seems the previous administration's inability to manage the flood has spilled over to the present day government, inheriting the flood menace and the anger of the people.

The future is bleak, and I am tired, unable to sleep in peace. My assessment is ongoing, doing my best to assist and share my experiences with the local relief workers. I admire their perseverance, their proficiency in outreach and their passion to help others.

My feet, blistered and battered. Rashes on my limbs bring no comfort to my struggling sleep. They fuel my desire to continue helping in any way I can.

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