No Chains, Not Bound to Fate

As I sit at my porch, the night, and the darkness has swallowed the sky, I'm uncertain of the future.

The future that promises much, yet offers little of foresight. I don't believe in predictions, especially related to my life, nor do I see a need. Fortunes rarely show any kindness, I see no reason to dig, nor ponder about my Fate, into the mist of the future.

The past, filled with pain, misery, a cocktail of unpredictable happiness and agony. This, coupled with haunting memories, I remember them well. I locked them in Vaults, secured them with chains made from my will.

Yet, at times, I hear the seductive whispers, partially seducing me to take action. Such voice begs me to open the Vaults, to release the memories, to drown in them.

I neither seek the past nor the future. I live for the present. It is safer for me, comforted by a Fate which I alone can control. This gives me a degree of comfort, the knowledge to be my own Karma.

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