A Life of Extremes for the Social Class

The traditional components of the present day corporate sector are the great corporate captains who govern the land in the name of democracy mashed with capitalism. The elites who stimulate the lifestyle and ferment it by flooding it with materialistic needs and whims. They embrace and nurture their luxuries, even at times beyond their means and in constant evolving debts.

Outside this social class structure, and therefore hardly recognised as part of civilised society, are those who live at the brink or within the endless cycle of poverty.

For the elites, both great and small, life could be a rich and splendid affair. But for the woman at the bottom, or outside, life was poor and changed little. The nameless factory worker, the forgotten homeless man, the disabled, grubbing in the brownish earth, or in crowded sweatshops, continued to labour in misery.

The elite always knew that they could not live without the poor and believed that somewhat reasonable attention should be given to her welfare. 

But no one suggested that she should be treated with dignity - she was a necessary instrument, to be kept in trim without pampering...

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