No doubt that nearly all believe in the Supreme Myth

In the mythologies of every continent there can be distinguished great myths, and others that are of less importance. Some myths dominate and show the character of the religious outlook, while others are less central, repetitive and outrageously fanciful. All kinds of myths need to be taken into account, for altogether they show the values the society holds dear.

Most myths tell how something came to exist: human beings, the world, wildlife, nature and social interaction. The myths make a sacred history of the people, the society and the individual. But naturally the creation of the world comes first and this myth influences others that follow. Legendary events that came later show how the world was changed, and in particular the adventures of human beings, the discovery of enlightenment, the obligation to work, and at times the unexpected arrival of death.

Myths are stories, the product of fertile imagination, sometimes simple, often containing profound truths. And yet it seems, even after ten of thousands of years, evolution show that we have become worse. Our lives have become part of our delusional, obsessed, insecure myths.

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