Relationship Tips

@SuAvaTia: Relationship Tips: [Relationship Tips are trending on twitter. Loving the ones from my fav ladies xfarrahx, mediha_m & massabrinam] These are some of mine here..enjoy :)

We may stop showing concern, but its not that we dont love. We may look elsewhere or do other things, but its not because we dont feel passionate about that cause. We have other matters to attend to but its not because the issue is immaterial.

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Rationalise. Be proactive. Do what you feel is right and not because someone have told you to do what they believe is right. Be brave. Do not allow fear of the unknown cloud your mind.

Respect everyone. Do not assume. Open your mouth and speak about it. Resolve the matter the best way you think you can. Do not ridicule those who have made effort to resolve it. Respect!

The past teaches you to appreciate life. To respect others. To love. To cherish. To devote. To understand and reach out.

Have faith in you and your belief and what you want. You know yourself the longest. Do what is best for you as you are all that you have.At the end of the day, open your eyes and see what you should be thankful for.

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