Everything Depends On Our Peace

If the earth were your body, you could feel the many areas where there is suffering. War, suppression, and famine wreak destruction in so many places. Many children have become blind from malnutrition, their hands search through mounds of thrash for things they can trade for a few ounces of food. Many adults are dying slowly and hopelessly in prisons and others are killed for trying to oppose violence. We have enough nuclear arms to destroy dozens of Earth but we continue to manufacture more.

Aware of all this how can we withdraw to a forest or even to our own room to sit in meditation? The peace we seek cannot be our possession. We need to find inner peace which make it possible for us to become one with those who suffer, and to do something to help our brothers and sisters, which is to say, ourselves. I know many people who are aware of the real situation of the world and who are filled with compassion. They refuse to hide themselves in artificial peace, and they engage in the world in order to change the society. They know what they want, yet after a period of involvement they become discouraged. Why? It is because they lack deep inner peace, the kind of peace they can take with them into their life action. Our strength is not in weapons, money, power. Our strength is in our peace, the peace within us. This peace make us indestructible. We must have peace while taking care of those we and those we want to protect.

I have recognised this peace in many, many people. Most of their time and effort is spent protecting the weak, watering the trees of love and understanding everywhere. They belong to various religious and cultural backgrounds. I do not know how each of them came to their inner peace, but I have seen it in them. If you are attentive, I am sure you will see it too. This peace is not a barricade which separate you from the world. On the contrary, this kind of peace brings you into the world and empower you to undertake whatever you want to do to try to help-struggling for social justice, lessening the disparity between the rich and the poor, stopping the arms race, fighting against discrimination, and sowing more seed of understanding, reconciliation, and compassion. In any struggle, you need determination and patience. The determination will dissipate if you lack peace. Those who lead a life of social action especially need to practice mindfulness during each moment of daily life, at least that's what I believe.

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