Living in harmony and peace at the expense of individuality

I have no problems highlighting and commenting about the bizarre and twisted behaviors of Malaysians. After all, I am a Malaysian, and I believe in my right to speak, to share, to debate and to listen. Malaysia is a beautiful country, with abundant of rain forests, natural resources, fabulous islands, fantastic food, however what spoils everything is our society.

Society expects and demands conformity. A group of people who believes in enshrining their expectations and way of life, at the expense of the marginalized and the neglected. Yes, you say that this is similar to other nations, but its no excuse for Malaysians to enforce a culture of self-righteousness, stigma and prejudice onto the rest. Society is organic, it seeks to assess everyone for imperfections and character defects that goes violently against society's norm-expectations.

When individuals or the minority resist the madness, they are branded all sorts of names: Traitor, Deviant, Heretic; and many have been pressured to leave their own country to avoid the veiled threats. Malaysia has great possibilities, but in fact it is only for those who are rich, influential and especially those that assimilate to the requirements of "living in harmony and peace" ~ sounds like for one to live in "peace" one has to sacrifice individuality and human rights to satisfy the Institutions' endless demands. 

The truth of the matter, Malaysians do not want unique personalities, especially unpredictable ones, and seeks to stamp out such behaviors. How do they do it? Simple. Hysteria, fear and enabling the environment of ignorance and servitude. 

You may disagree with me, that is your right, but then again, this society is sinking in its own pisspot of hypocrisy and vanity. Are you one of them?

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