Fact and Illusion: Essence of Activism is Divine

Poverty in Bangkok
Someone told me that the essence of activism is divine, or beyond eternal. Such divinity that humans seek to feel is like a grand quest for many who desire to leave a meaningful mark upon the needy, the marginalized, the vulnerable, and the abused.

However this vision is merely a leap beyond activism. People are engaged in many Causes, yet how does one measure the sustainable changes and impact? Do you leave a mark of your own identity to justify what you seek?

The great illusion; we claim to work for the community however we merely chase after the need to immortalize ourselves, our persona, into the Cause.

The great fact; by abandoning the great illusion, we come to terms with ourselves through hardship and perseverance, and we embrace the reality that our immortality starts when others change their behaviours in response to our selfless acts.

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