Human perseverance, spiced with prayers, among rural folks in Thailand

The trip to Pattaya was smooth, free from the hectic traffic of Bangkok. I was not in the mood for long trips on the road, however this time it was an exception. Gave me time to contemplate, and see the lives of rural folks before reaching my destination.

Rural development in Thailand is organic; community planning is not based on an advance scheme by their provincial governments. There is a high degree of rural-urban migration, and I suspect that the use of foreign migrant workers will intensify in the next ten years.

The farmers work in their fields, tendering to their vegetables and trees. They toil away under the heat, though at that point, there was an absence of humidity, unlike in Malaysia. Strenuous labor, the farmers, usually consisting of men and women, take a couple of rest breaks in a day. And before sunset, they retreat to their wooden homes, to the comforts of their families, hot spicy food and cold beer.

I observed that Thais are deeply mystical in their faith, sometimes bordering to superstition depending on amulets and placing their trusts in charms - maybe for a better quality of life, or merely for luck. Such devotion to their beliefs is interesting, and it does enhance the raw psyche of rural folks and their truly humble perseverance towards a better future.

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