A Miserable Slum by the Dirty Canal

You can find the slums at almost every corner of Bangkok, in between bustling shopping malls, behind the busy commercial district, a stone throw away from the zeon-filled hangouts of the elites and the ultra-rich. The poor can only afford housing based on their small income, many are fortunate compared to the homeless; although hardship is tough regardless. This small piece of the slum has a canal-view, regularly burdened by the noisy engine-propelled ferry that passes by every 10 minutes.

Despite the residents' poor housing condition, they have access to electricity and water, which somewhat lessens their hardship. Thais are not the only community living in the slums. One can find a community of foreign migrant workers and refugees.

A city settlement of the marginalized and the poor.

Yet the most common challenge they face is the landlords; eager to have their land back for capitalist development, they force the residents out from their homes. Many landlords have resorted to arson, an effective way of eviction, which violate the rights of people but something that landlords do not care.

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