The reclamation and restoration of the Institution by young people

The irony. Young people and children are rarely involved in the decision-making that drives our world, our government, our society, our corporations. In many countries they are prohibited to be part of the solution to globalization. Ironic isn't it. They will inherit the world that globalization creates.

Globalization is a monster, it seeks the endless consumption of the weak, the rapid decent of the poor, the unfortunate and the marginalized. If you are not part of the system, or the Institution, and unable to adapt due to the evolving caste machinery, then naturally young people and children are exploited.

Youths are able to bring about the doom of the negative effects of globalization. Many adults clearly still view young people as ineffective stakeholders to policy-making processes, despite the benefits of mobilizing them, especially young people from marginalized communities. The government mechanism needs to be "rehabilitated" and a critical review of all that makes the Power move. Young people are the best candidates to inspire the future, and most importantly --> the present.

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