The Storm and Mother Nature, Inevitable.

The walls seem to move, the stirring darkness energised with electricity; such pitiful place does little to prevent the Storm from being heard or felt. I can see the windows vibrate, and hear the intense pounding of the rain on the roof. Such is the fury of Mother Nature.

Malaysians have been experiencing radical changes to our weather. Predictable seasons no longer conform to their schedule of rain, heat and humidity. Savagery of the elements, not even our technology can predict Her movements. The Storm shows her pleasure to our rainforests, rivers and wildlife by showering much-needed rain. She shows no mercy to mankind, we are trapped in our complacency » our redundancy. We forget the bounty in this country, and take Her for granted.

I pull back the curtain, biting my lips, I seek not solitude away from the Storm. I have been eagerly waiting for Her arrival. She floods villages, cities and communities; She flattens entire neighbourhood with the overpowering wind. I do not escape the inevitable. I welcome the Storm into my life.

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