Your Self-worth, the Law and the Beginning of the End


South East Asia has done remarkably well; the financial dependence on the people, the growth of extra-ordinary social possibilities, the almost-unlimited natural resources and... yes, the sickening culture of over-reliance to the governments, civil societies and corporations. The perverted relationship has disabled the importance of individualism, and has molded communities into serving the needs and whims of these Institutions. 

The most obvious expression of the Institution is the Law. The Law was created to nurture Life, yet society has determined that the Law is more meaningful than Life itself, and thus MUST be obeyed. We are taught, since young, to conform, to obey the laws, to show our respect to the prominent law enforcers, and to believe that the Law is Morality and Justice in itself. What a load of bullshit. 

Persistent apathy, this horrifying minding-your-own-business mentality, hinders the growth of self-reliance and of empathy. We depend on the Law (and the enforcers) to solve the most simplest problems affecting civilization, and in the process making ourselves detached from any humanistic interaction. We rely on governments for leadership, yet they betray us at a moment's notice for a chance to consort with the corporations for a profit. *Sigh* I do not have any faith in this Institution that you revere and worship...

We leave Life at the doorsteps of the Institution, eagerly waiting for the door to open. And hours later when it does open, in our haste to enter, we carelessly trample on the most valuable element of Life --> our self-worth. 

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