Bloodbath: Indonesia's Imperialism & Cleansing Campaigns

Public enemy #1 - Imperialism

Tyranny during the cold war struggle, was a favorite pastime of superpowers. Who pulled the strings in the massive puppetry show? Sukarno and Suharto, the lords of imperialism, are equally guilty of the mass hysteria, violence and hatred. Murders, floating in the sea of mass torment, had dominated the cleansing campaign, conducted by experienced death squads of the military, and gore-sniffing mobs.

A bloodbath.

A senseless, ruthless barbarism in which oppression was a flaming, spicy dish that was served on a cold platter. Digesting it would have been another matter. 

Blaming the communists for the slaughter of the Indonesian generals is as ridiculous and obscene as saying that West Papua legitimately belongs to Indonesia.

Indonesia's imperialism, a heinous exercise of dehumanizing and criminalizing people for the freedom that they sought.

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