Allowing my mind to wander, out from the frying pan

Quite distracted, and I am unable to sustain my focus with the flurry of news from around the region; fortunately though I have my protegee @Nany_JHaron to keep me somewhat in line with the chain of events. Nevertheless I am making my final preparation for a trip to Thailand. Too many things to do there, and so very little time ~ not surprising as this is the case for most people.

Emails, letters, tweets, blogs and reports. At this point, I am tempted to delete and burn the reports. Not something I like looking at, much less read them. Same shit all over again, as expected, civil society and government agencies are unable to give new information and insight of societal challenges. I dislike the propaganda-licking assessments of NGOs that have no clue on the needs of vulnerable communities, you will find the scattering of odd data and opinions which carries no bearing to the situation at hand. Or maybe the writer(s) is equally passionate to burn her reports for its poor quality. Depressing. Oh yes, I am very tempted to just burn the reports and send the ashes to the writer(s) to tell them how I feel about their intelligence and analytic-ability. *Extremely Tempted*

The wicked haze has badly affected Malaysia, and on a daily basis, one can see the thick greyish smog hovering in the air. The haze has made the humidity worse, you can barely walk out of your shower cubicle without breaking into a sticky uncomfortable sweat. Oh indeed, I am eager to leave Malaysia, temporarily of course, and to escape this foul haze. Amusingly, some brainless Malaysians blame the haze on the Indonesians, yet refusing to acknowledge that many Malaysian farmers are clearing and burning their lands ~ old school way. The smog and pollution released by the factories are equally horrible, and yet Malaysians being Malaysians like blaming everyone except themselves. What fucking hypocrisy. Oh yeah, now you know, I cannot wait to fly off tomorrow.

In light of this, I have decided to subdue my need to burn the reports, and will continue the packing. Preparing for another adventure, away from Malaysia, and hopefully not to the frying pan of Siam.

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