HUNGER: By 2050, the planet is expected to harbor a population of 9 billion people

Governments are always in some form of denial, one way or another. 

Civil society has urged governments to establish and protect rights to resources, but there are rotting issues of incorporating incentives for sustainable consumption and production into food systems; do we see equal and fair promotion of agricultural and food markets? 

Seems there is never enough food for the whole lot, or maybe it is because of the uneven accessibility and bias, often corrupted, distribution of food. 

There are about 500 million small farms in developing countries and whose resources are limited due to insufficient access to food and nutrition. Food waste expedites the hunger due to irregular consumption patterns. The wastage of food may be higher than 1 billion tonnes every year, which could feed a realm of poor, hungry people. 

The poor are living in oppression, they live in hunger, and in absolute misery. 

By 2050, the planet is expected to harbor a population of 9 billion people. What is in store for humanity by then? The present lessons learned and best practices does not meet what the people expect of food governance much less the poor and corrupted agricultural system.

For those that are in the midst of inheriting the world, they will see a hunger epidemic like no other where a billion people in 2050 will die from hunger.

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