Hypocrisy of rights, the enforcement of tyranny

Humanity sinks deeper into the cesspool, we expedite the process by caring not of the marginalised and the oppressed. Yet we are unable to swim out of the mess that we call civilised behaviour.

When the poor and the ostracised protest against the injustice, the Institution wrecks the attempt with brutality, while society at large will try (desperately) to remain calm; such tokenism at humanity is common, we see it everyday. Yes, when someone breaks the law, society says, the person must be punished. However how has the laws served the people? By merely polluting Life with obscene bureaucracy? Or merely by enforcing these laws so that others will conform to the expectations of the few?

I find, like many of you, that the defenders of democracy are the first to smite those seeking freedom against the stagnant of Life. Simply because one breaks the laws that she deserves punishment ~ an absolute hypocrisy, where people doom the weak in the name of human rights. The US of A is an excellent example of 'democratic' dictatorial rule, and expecting other nations to bow to their might.

In the end, at that dark oily pit we call values, or what you dare say as civilised behaviour, others will find a hungry demented demon who resembles you.

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