Poor, homeless, those facing hardship and living in isolation

Bangkok, a city-province with over 12 million people, both Thais, refugees from the region and migrant workers. This metropolis has a growing population of expatriates, working and calling Bangkok as their home, many have stayed for half a decade. The city is also a place for Thais living in the nearby provinces, travelling for hours on its congested roads.

Welcome to Bangkok.

However this time around I saw and met more people who are marginalised, homeless and poor. The city offers no solitude for them, it sadly offers none to the absolute poor, regardless whether they are Thais, and those refusing to go back to their countries for fear of repercussion or simply those who are stateless.

The sense of loss, even those working hard in an almost-impossible cycle of livelihood, and the horror of living in a mega-city where the poor are ostracised and living in societal isolation.

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