Power of freedom truly does come from the people

When a country achieves a state of freedom after decades of rigid conformity through traditional leftovers of feudalism, it values such right as drinking the nectar of exploration. The exploration of the spirit of freedom; to be able to build and experiment on what values its society can digest.

Dictatorship is a foul ghoul that robs us of our place in freedom, and it tears through logic, common sense and bombards our aspiration of living. Yet despite the desires for freedom, we cringe in terror, and bow our heads in conformity. Usually to avoid pain and ridicule of the tyrants and their agents.

Naturally society doesn't want an ideology of tyranny ruining the value of life. We seek what we can, and in remembrance we shake our heads to remind us what we once could achieve.

Military dictatorship is common in South East Asia. Throughout history, the governance via the might of an assault rifle, hand grenade and blade, can be found. No, its not just when the colonists invade our shores, but also when our own blood perform deeds of oppression and shameful violence.

We may not want a repeat of feudalism, or the damning authoritarian rule. Such barbarism usually sends the people into a realm of slavery, where the poor rot beyond recognition and the elites strive on the scent of inequality and greed. Then again, "may" is an accurate reflection of my thoughts.

There are still many people who want to see the occurrence of carnage and the widening of the caste/social gaps among society. Why so? Simply for power, from the polluted well of rot and greed. These people are keen to send their country into the dark ages, or to export and manipulate the marginalised. There are many who (still) believe in institutionalised slavery. It is obvious that the politicians seek a continuation of their rights and riches, and they would do anything to ensure that goal is achieved.

Freedom is freedom. You don't need nationalism and an opposing military to tell you that. Your heart, just like the power to change, can show your path to freedom.

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