Resist and rise up against Apathy and Destiny

The Institution is a monument, dedicated to the achievement of man. It stands, mighty, for all to see; many would stand there with mouths wide open, in awe. Some would feel naked, at the sight of its incredibly smooth surface, the complexity of its design, unable to contain their wonderment and breaking down in tears. The Institution towers, quivering all the way, up to the heavens, endless and majestic in perfect synergy - almost in representation of divinity and beyond. And yet the Institution commands respect of the people, after all it was designed for that very purpose.

Mankind was meant to serve the whims of the Institution. Humans are told to bow in servitude, in objective submission to the powerful Institution and its machinery of Order. To those who are confused by the extensive force, the Institution expects conformity, oh don't worry, it has a schedule for your timely surrender. It has planned everything.

But then once in a while, a small group breaks free from that obedience, that enthrallment; screaming and refusing to knell. If the Institution is unable to punish this recalcitrant group, then it orders the rest to demonize the rebels. Their weapons of persuasion: stigma, prejudice and discrimination. These are one of the worse punishment that a human can endure for only a short period. Subjugation, extreme suffocation of free-will is shown through never-ending peer influence and if that fails, they use the ghastly pressure among peers. People are not meant to rebel against the Institution, thus all the resources and opportunities would be utilized for the purpose of this institutionalized slavery. Domination and unyielding oppression.

Yet even then, out of all the rebels, another one would escape the clutches and madness of conformity. And that person would feel the wrath, retribution in all its glory, of hellish proportion. The war of spite has just begun, the Institution strikes, laying waste to all, in search of the renegade...

To be continued...

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