Talk, talk, talk, while poor people rot, we continue talking

It is not as if we don't know about the poor. Rural and urban poverty touches the lives of BILLIONS. 

You don't need the expert opinion of an economist or the passionate rants of a political scientist, much less a corporate captain who knows fuck-it-all, to know the decline of the state of poverty. We can see them everyday, hiding in the shadows, homeless, unable to access healthcare and exposed to the elements of danger and apathy. The poor work, toiling under the sun, in the blistering cold, doing their bit, not for their country's grand design of destiny (more bullshit propaganda), they work to live. Without income, they are dragged into the ghastly realm of starvation and a daily robbery of their rights ~ many are even caught in the twisted cycle of unbalanced employment (in most cases, slavery) where working conditions are barbaric compared to being unemployed.

Governments are fond of slogans hinting or boasting an end to global poverty. NGOs and corporations take delight in participating in these "Corporate Social Investment" campaigns, caring not of their poor rapport with the poor and their failed "anti-poverty" projects. We have seen decades-worth of propaganda, billions of $$$, of empowering speeches and wise-thoughts on poverty, and yet the poor are still rotting in their pitiful farms, slums, shelters and in the filthy back lanes.

I do not believe in the constant pledges of people who have been entrusted with the mandate to help the poor. They seek not to improve the quality of life, they merely take advantage of the predicaments and the emotions of poor people. Outrageous? Indeed.

What is "sustainable development" and what are these sets of key performance index (KPI) that the Institution keeps on talking about? Do the poor actually care about what has been written on a document that sits on a shelf of a consultant ~ collecting dust? Or does society expect the poor to consume the paper for nourishment? 

Consultants and members of Parliament talk, debate, recommend and criticize every known strategy on poverty eradication, and still nothing is achieved in the immediate needs of the poor. At times, I believe that it is merely the agenda of the elites to keep the poor in their place, so as to facilitate the continuation of the rich and the furtherance of the caste system. 

Think tanks have failed. The Institutions have failed. Civil society has failed. Our failures to radically change our lives for the betterment of the poor. While the poor live in absolute misery, neglected by our sensibilities, we continue with our philosophical debates about how to improve and stimulate the hypocrisy. Oh yes, we have failed. 

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