The very existence of humanity, in the pits of apathy

If the apathy that ravages our world today appears as an extravagant and absurd caricature of all the most extreme in humanity's psyche then naturally we have a problem. It seems that such a character defect, which grows out of - even as it distorts - the past. It is humanity gone mad, but it is humanity just the same.

We find in the doctrine today strands that have been part of the Institution's thoughts and personality: the component that moves us into inaction, this bizarre contagious need to ignore those living in poverty and misery. The current hysteria of apathy is fed by those of us that choose not to be proactive towards righting the wrong. We are more focused towards living our dreams - which does not include the marginalised.

As that happens the world becomes an uglier place to live, where compassion is dead and acceptance is a thing of the past. We can stop the mayhem that threatens our future and our children's present. We can even stop it now, after all, the Institution does not own our bodies and minds. They merely stimulate the temptation of ignorance and fear. 

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