A Night filled with Danger, Loss and Comfort

Night. A moment of vulnerability. 

I stand, beguiled by the gifts of night.

Bangkok, many say, procreates menace at dusk, and the abomination of insecurity comes about, creeping forth, seeking what it cannot grasp during the day. Yet I am moved by the night, this perilousness, this exposure to the gamble, where sanity is held hostage to the wild pendulum swing. 

I see no danger now, as if the ghouls would only wait for the mighty sun to set. I am in my elements, what those who curse, I find the sanctuary offered willingly by the night. 

Bangkok, a city of contradiction, a realm filled with loss, joy, distress, fulfillment, poverty and excess luxuries. The night merely enhances the wicked and addictive paradox of sensation.

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