A severely tight budget in Bangkok

A distant temple in Bangkok

A tight work schedule, overdue on the writing and travelling; all of them taking a toll on my eager brain. I barely have time for a date or a proper meal, such is life in the big city.

My passion for travelling hasn't be quenched, nor am I satisfied with the progress « there's so many things to do. I'm barely leaping forward, but I'm not eager to rush into things. Taking my own sweet time to discover the people and replenish my dwindling energy.

I've not been eating well, whatever I can get I consume quickly. Trying to eat enough to give me the strength to move on. Don't get me wrong, there's an abundance of food in Bangkok - its not as if there's a shortage of anything. The coffers... my monthly budget needs to be strictly monitored and controlled. And not to mention, I hate eating alone.

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