Modern homelessness is caused by a society that doesn't care

Homeless man sleeping on a bridge

I see a bleak future for the homeless in Bangkok. There doesn't seem to be political will amongst the politicians in Thailand. What has the previous government, under Abhisit done for the poor during his rule? Do people care about those living in misery?

Everyone seems to be running around, headless, with barely an ounce of clue, to the growing epidemic of urban poverty. Worse still, the welfare programs in Bangkok are kept hidden from plain sight, that the sufferings of the marginalised are invisible.

At this point, I dare say, I don't even know whether Thai civil society (much less the multi-national foreign funding agencies) knows the definition of "welfare" ~ Wait till the floods, then there will be an explosion of anger and outrage or merely a subdued cry before everything disappears into the flood...

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