Morning Rain, the Anticipation of the Inevitable

Morning. In Bangkok. The rain. Pouring endlessly, heavy continuous pour. Woke up to the gloom of an unpredictable rainstorm. I am not entertained. Walking in the rain is fine with me, though this is no ordinary rain. Call it the Punishment of Nature... or whatever. Thunderclap, flashes of brilliant lightning. Oh yes indeed, welcome to the overwhelming, persistent downpour.

I glanced at my watch, clearly I am late for a meeting. Not something I look forward to, but the invitation was sent late (3 hours ago) inviting me for a morning gathering of determined intellectuals. Short of rushing out on the streets with my shorts and t-shirt, I settled for a quick ghastly shower and hoping (in vain) that the rain would subside. At my age, I pride myself in early preparation, not to mention the ability to wake up from any slumber (as if I can sleep long hours!) at a moment's notice. The weather proved to be faster. Mortals like me must grudgingly take a step back and allow the inevitable.

... Another roar of the thunder...

The inevitable, the fury of the Storm. Nature reminds us constantly that despite the construction of the marvels of man, we cannot win, will never win, against the onslaught of the Storm. Her rage against mortals and beasts have no limits. Nor does She, the Storm, care.

I need not go to the balcony to know that the Storm is still raging. I can hear the rain, pounding mercilessly on the window and roof. I can feel Her. The Storm seeks to tear apart the foundation.

But then, all this doesn't matter. The flash floods have already started in many provinces. I receive daily reports of warnings and flooded areas, the slow formation of Nature's fury - somewhat boiling, ready to gush forth in zeal, to consume civilization. Bangkok is the least of my concerns, there are many rural folks and people living in other cities who will be subjected to the wrath of the flood. Bangkok? Oh this city will surely weather the Storm, and the floods, at a heavy price. Though I don't think the politicians would appreciate the aftertaste of the political downpour, much less the flood of complaints from Bangkok society.

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