My photos of Bangkok and there goes my thoughts

Week 3... Or was it week 4? I am trying to grasp time, the longer I stay in the city, the more time seems to slip through my senses. I would have to fly somewhere next week, there's the 30-day-limit for travellers like me. Time does fly, rapidly, flurry of movements and into the unknown. Enjoying my trip, making some progress and making new friends.

My BlackBerry seems to be functioning somewhat well, though its a pain in the ass to know that the battery life doesn't last long. I would expect an iPhone to be a more miserable choice for battery power. Despite it all, the True data plan is workable in Bangkok, though the access to "3G" is sometimes, downright, a joke. Though its cheaper than what one has to pay in Malaysia. I may try an Android phone when I have a bit of $ to spare.

Some of my Twitter followers have noticed that I blog more than usual. Maybe so, but at times I do miss the adrenaline rush of tweets, though not really an effective platform for travellers.

Expecting more rain for this month. The anticipation of a flood build-up in the north stirs my emotions. Anyway I'm looking forward to leaving the country next week, and pursuing my writing in another country. But I will surely be back, I cannot seem to run away from Thailand.

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