My thoughts of South Thailand

I am slightly distracted. The thoughts of the violence in the south is taking its toll, I could barely switch my thoughts to my adventures. Naturally I am worried for the people who are caught in the conflict. Horrific and painful memories of my previous relief work, reminded me of sadistic carnage, the torment of those living in extreme oppressive existence, in between the madness of revenge, systematic brutality, interrogation, and the abomination of revenge.

It is interesting to note that there is a prevailing ignorance among people in Bangkok about the issues of South Thailand but then again I should not be surprised as the people in Malaysia are also, obviously, ignorant of the violence. Maybe many are uninterested in issues beyond their city's border while some feel that people living in the south have a complex lifestyle and different set of beliefs. Such incurious nature about the lives of the people is bizarre, devoid of compassion, to say the least. Whatever the ignorance or state of bliss or disinterest, the people in the south are human beings, and their concerns cannot, must not, be neglected.

Google is helpful, as always, revealing extensive news and photos of the conflicts in the south. I found an article which was profoundly amusing, in a negative twisted sense - the statement from the government of the day (then under Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva). It was reported that the government was confident of "bringing peace in 2010" - which obviously didn't materialize. So much for promises and declarations.

I feel a need to travel south. Maybe the whirling sympathy for people who are suffering is causing such "need" or maybe I believe there's a need to talk to the people about the situation. I am not a saint, nor do I intend to perform miracles for anyone. Such are my thoughts.


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