NGO work, burdened by lack of skills or lack of sincerity?

HIV/AIDS intervention work is still problematic. Primary NGO challenges are usually on the lack of funding, repetitive bad strategies, poor management of human resources and the ever-increasing prejudice against people living with HIV/AIDS. Many NGOs are also in the invisible cesspool of corrupted practises, such as creative accounting and utilising funds for other purposes than what was stipulated in their agreement with the funder. Life is challenging indeed, times are tough, for civil society.

Despite the noble assurances of NGOs to the general public and stakeholders on financial accountability and transparency, it is difficult to access the public accounts of NGOs in relation to expenditures of their work. It is ridiculous that NGOs are claiming to be transparent, but one cannot access the figures of the hundreds of thousands of money used. Its not as if NGOs are unfamiliar with financial management and its not as if civil society is ignorant of the process. Yet I'm always curious ~ How much was used and what was it used for?

Some NGOs will say "Our yearly expenditures are confidential" or "We need the boss' approval before we can give you a peek at our financial reports" «-- ironically, NGOs have covered themselves in the bureaucracy of government institutions. It seems difficult or impossible to see the breakdown of public funds. Alas, these are the NGOs that supposedly work for the community? Ridiculous indeed.

As long as NGOs are unable to justify their expenditures, I view NGOs as untrustworthy, similar to a travelling band of rogues, promising the world everything and not willing to offer an honest display of sincerity.

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