Self-sustaining, Life, Snapshots of Bangkok

Rambutan, sold on the streets
Fruits, abundance. Too many to pick and sample, stuffing my face with all imaginable local fruits, many exotic to my taste buds. At times, I am tempted to merely stick with a fruit-diet but then again, seduction of the senses also comes from the cuisine - especially spicy Isaan food.  

Street food vendor busy with his craft
Many folks operating mobile food stalls are from the urban poor. Many are from other provinces, settling down in Bangkok for a generation or two, seeking a livelihood for their families. Many are sturdy individuals, possessing an eagerness for entrepreneurship. 

Equipment and tools of a vendor in the slum

Among many other tools, the urban poor make do with what they can afford and with what they can build from meager resources. It is amazing to see the blend of skills among a people bent on making some money to escape (or try) the hardships of Bangkok. 

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