Walking through Soi Cow Boy

Soi Cowboy

A street, alive with adult entertainment. More like a back lane filled with tourists, mainly Caucasian and Japanese men, looking for company among the sea of women and ladyboys (transgender). Bright lights, neon overload. An explosion of sounds, music mixed with a flurry of odd rhythms. Invasion of the senses, yet many find this comforting.

Alcohol, finger food, cigarettes, hugs, small talks and light petting. People seek what they can get their hands on, or what tips could secure. Life in the fast lane? Nonsense, this is barely a fast pace nightlife, I've seen the excitement and danger vibrating in other parts of Bangkok. Yet this can be considered a "safe" place for those shy to exhibit 'abnormal' behaviours.

Streetkids, roaming about. Women sitting on the road with toddlers on their laps. Ignored by the majority of 'tourists' who seek a lighter side to the night. An old Thai man walks with a cane, smiles to himself, oblivious to the noise erupting around him. The beggars, are anxious, and eager for a coin or two.

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