Young people stimulating technology for their lives

How can civil society and government agencies use technology to make the voices of the most marginalized girls heard? How can adolescent girls in the hardest-to-reach rural communities use mobile phones and the internet gain critical life skills?

I think many developing nations are left behind, primarily due to the visible poverty that exist in their communities - balancing what is urgent and what is considered as luxury. Such lingering effect places ICT in the lowest priority, and yet courtesy of globalization, we see the constant demand and usage of technology to meet the basic necessity of an individual, especially when accessibility is a priority.

Its fine and well that UN-based organizations and foreign entities prescribe such tools for the modernization of civilization, and yet some pressure groups see the redundancy of introducing information technology systems in formal and informal educational settings, that is constantly seen as a Western violation of their culture.

I've always believed that adults should not prescribe solutions to issues and concerns affecting children. Many adults have failed, repeatedly, to seek the participation of children and young people in decision-making process. As for the marginalized groups in Thailand and Malaysia, many young people have shared with me about the need for technological introduction and innovation into their lives.

At the end, Institutions and the general public will try to have their say in what should be initiated and what should be implemented. I say, let young people decide what is best for their lives.

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